Ya Levy La'ford,  is a Jamaican-American Artist.,

and the granddaughter of renowned artist John Dunkley, one of Jamaica’s first and finest intuitive painters. ​

She is an interdisciplinary visual artist, painter, installation artist, muralist, and social practice artist, as well as a professor who exhibits her work nationally and internationally.


She has a  BA  from  Florida State University, a Juris Doctor from the  University of Florida, and a Masters in Fine Arts from the Arts Institute of Boston. Lives and work between Florida, Maine, Canada, & Jamaica


Through painting, sculpture, and community arts practices, she creates a safe space for dialogue around some of the most profound issues communities and individuals may face.


Her work tells stories using large-scale paintings, layered with richly textured paint and embedded with thick, painterly geometric lines interconnecting through space and color. Her work reflects her cultural hybridity. As a first-generation 


 Ya's work has been exhibited at Tampa Museum of Art,  Art Basel, Miami,  Dr. Carter Woodson African American Museum, Orlando Museum of Fine Art, The Ringling Museum, Venice Art Projects,  Egypt,  Columbia,  Spain, Thailand, and Cuba. 

 Artists in the Exhibition




Jelili Atiku, Nigeria   

Chika Aneke, Nigeria

Johnnie Bess, US 

Willie Cole, US

Renee Cox, Jamaica/US

Roberto Diago, Cuba

Oliver Enwonwu, Nigeria

Jallim Eudovic, St. Lucia 

Mark Fleuridor, Haiti

Tracy Guiteau, US/Haiti

Saudia Jones, USVI

Carl Juste, Haiti

Eli Kince, US 

Derreck Grant, Jamaica/Canada

Guilain Iradukuna, Rwanda

Ya La'ford,  US/Jamaica 

Kandy Lopez, US/Dominican Republic

Whitfield Lowell, US  

Armando Marino, Cuba 

Zeek Mathias, Haiti 

Robert McKnight, US

Manuel Mendive, Cuba 

Terri Meredith, US

Mikael Owunna, Nigeria 

Rene Pena, Cuba

Samdi, Haiti

Dr. Joyce Scott, US                                       

Stan Squirewell, US                                
Curtis Talwst Santiago, Canada

Laurence Walden, US       

Basil Watson, Jamaica

Hank Willis, US    




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