The Belle of Senegal, Oil on Canvas 203 X 109CM

Agbogho Mmuo Oil on Canvas 150 X 137.5cm

Ebony, Oil on canvas

The Belle of Senegal, Oil on Canvas 203 X 109CM


Nigerian born and resident artist and gallerist, Oliver Enwonwu holds a Master’s degree with distinction from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is the Publisher of "Omenka ", a global magazine out of Nigeria. 

Oliver comes from a long line of artists; his grandfather was a reputable traditional sculptor and his father Ben Ewonwu was widely celebrated as Africa’s pioneer modernist. In his work,

Oliver Enwonwu elevates Black culture to challenge racial injustice and systemic racism by celebrating the cultural, political, and socio-economic achievements of Africans through an examination of African spirituality, Black identity and migration, contemporary African politics, Pan Africanism, and the global Africa empowerment movement.