"Madame" Size: 60x48 inches Medium: Acrylic Price: $10,500

"Hidden" Size: 24x48 inches Medium: Acrylic Price: $5000

"Hindsight" Size: 36 X 60 inches Mixed Medium (Oil, Acrylic and Paper Collage) Price: $17,000

"Madame" Size: 60x48 inches Medium: Acrylic Price: $10,500


For some, art is not a choice, but a destiny — Tracy Guiteau is one such artist. With every school notebook brimming with drawings, her math teacher recommended Guiteau follow her artistic spirit. She enrolled in a magnet art school and eventually graduated from New World School of the Arts High School in Miami, FL. Yet, Guiteau’s path to art was not always perfectly clear. 


Born to traditional Haitian parents in New York, building a career in the arts required leaving behind her parent’s expectations that she pursue nursing. Guiteau was torn between tradition and truth, but the ever-present pull of art was stronger. She left tradition behind and enrolled in the Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. Her time spent studying the arts only further invigorated her passion, leading her to feed that artistic curiosity through travel and hone her skills at the University of Westminster in London.