Transfixed Spirit at Sunset 38” x 25” Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas $1,500

Child Bride Monica 24 x 27 Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas $800

African Spirit Heart 24” x 36” Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas $780

Transfixed Spirit at Sunset 38” x 25” Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas $1,500


Derrick Grant is a contemporary artist who was born in St. Andrews Jamaica, grew up in Montreal, Canada and currently lives in the US. He specializes in mixed-media computer graphic(s) combined with traditional acrylic canvas paintings. He creates intense multimedia paintings with a method that has been referred to as the “Grantique” style. He has a doctorate and  was originally trained as a medical professor at McGill University in Anatomy and Cell Biology with a minor in art.


As an artist, he brings both his medical anatomy background, as well as his education in fine art, design and art history to the artwork, and he fuses these concepts in a novel and innovative way.  His art borrows elements from the High Renaissance painters as well as the post-modern surrealists. He then marries these essential concepts by merging computerized graphics and traditional painting to give birth to a revolutionary approach to visual interaction with the canvas.


His art pieces under the title “Dkdesignfineart” have now been exhibited and sold in several galleries along the east coast. He has also had art shows in New York, Miami, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Hope, Newark and world-wide in St Thomas, V.I.,  San Juan, Puerto Rico, London and Paris. Recently, he has also incorporated his art into fabric and has created dynamic clothing designs that have been shown in several runway shows from Atlantic City, to New York, to Philadelphia and Miami.